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Captain ID Name 
00007615Yardley, James
00018525Yardsly, James
00010194Ybb Laud, Jacob
00001943Ybert, Georges
00016018Yché, Bernard
00007658Yeakins, Guillaume
00018660Yearley, Henry
00012826Yelle, David
00010786Yelles, Vittie
00012667Yellosoley, Guillaume
00018171Yelouisa, Andrea
00019222Yelsbury, Timothy
00007803Yenties, Douwe
00001274Yer, Els
00011202Yest, Andre
00011029Ygartua, Juan
00011610Ygartua, Pedro
00017895Yhamnewik Yweglia, Giovanni Gaspare
00003880Yon, Thomas
00018872Yorke, Peter
00018515Young, Barnabus
00020281Young, Edward
00002661Young, Henry
00018616Young, Isaac
00009937Young, Israel
00019175Young, James
00019495Young, John
00018571Young, Joseph
00019496Young, Samuel
00002111Young, Stephen
00010752Yurians, Jacob
00010985Yvarra, Jean Baptiste
00007484Yver, François
00009322Yves, Jean François
00007695Yvon, Bernard
00007217Yvon, Claude
00011122Yvon, Denis
00011123Yvon, Pierre
00011124Yvon, Pierre Louis
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filter by Name  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [all] 
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